You can't do anything if your body is not well so I realized that 
it's better to do everything you want when you are well. Therefore,
let's challenge!!

to my precious followers~

Hi, guys! ^^
I just wanted to say that I won’t be around much these days because I left home for a 2 week vacation (and I’ve already successfully arrived to Vietnam).
I think the hotel’s wifi will allow me to reblog things occasionally but my netbook is definitely not able to deal with Photoshop, which means no new gifs until I’m back home T.T
I hope to see all of you still here in August ^^
P.S. Wow, 742 is a lot! Thanks so much for following me, see you soon! ;D

I’m going on an adventure!


Kevin, Jun, & Hoon ft. a very jumpy Soohyun ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ


UKISS displaying panel @ Tower Records Shibuya


SS501 Moments: Kyu Jong’s UR MAN Game-Hall Dance Tutorial


Special photos (given at random) for fans who join/continue KISSme Japan membership at the concert venue

Soohyun: Don’t look at me like that! It’s embarrassing ^^
Kiseop: I want to be the No.1 in KISSme’s heart!
Eli: I perform on stage for everyone. We’ll be together forever
Hoon: My love and feelings for KISSmes is becoming more and more ♡ 
Kevin: I want to grow old with KISSmes~^^
Jun: I’m the youngest [member] Jun! Please give lots of support~!!

[TRANS] 140718 U-KISS FM Yokohama - AJA AJA Friday


-Introduction of Song

MC: U-KISS has a new member, Jun, who has joined! Actually we have
a Jun (in our group) too! Although he’s a bit impatient.
What kind of personality do you have?
Jun: I’m… (*He answers in korean; the members translate for him)
MC: Ah, lively!
(They talk about the MC’s personality)
MC: The last interview was about half a year ago. Recently, how
have you guys been? Busy?
Soohyun: We’ve been really busy. While we were doing Korean
activities, we were also preparing for our tour together, and it
was really difficult, but we’re doing our best so we can show fans
a perfect show.

MC: I thought this even when we last met but everyone’s skin looks
so beautiful. You were all really busy but nobody even had dark
circles under their eyes!
Soohyun: Recently, make-up is really…
MC: Was it that skillfully put on?! (the members laugh) It’s seems
it was. There’s muscles too! I would have thought Hoon participated
in the world arm-wrestling contest. A body builder. His face is
small, so it’ll look even smaller.
Hoon: It’s to make my face look small!
Soohyun: I did muscle training too but my face…
Kevin: Ahaha! You didn’t change!

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Message from Kyu Jong

My favourite part in Feel It choreo.. Feel it~~!


What happens when After School Club’s PD misses Kevin…

“you threw me away”


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