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I’m watching ASC and Eric said Eli said he would do anything on their show except the pigeon imitation, omfg he really hates it. People need to stop telling Eli to do that crap.

Petition to make it stop.

4 /  of fave live performances: 
U-KISS - Every Day [24.08.2011]


Forbidden Love PV


Mr. Shin Soohyun vs. Miss. Shin Soohyun



um, you are my obsession?

this is why I love AJ. he expresses his thoughts sincerely and doesn’t care what others standing beside him and feeling somewhat ashamed might think. if he sees beauty, he says so.


(From Teatari Shidai #9)
SH: After the last show of Summer Snow, we had a party with all the staffs and performers. Kevin got very drunk for the first time so I drove/sent him to the front door of his apartment and went home. But about 3 hours later his mom and sister called me and asked, “Where’s Kevin? Go find him!” and I told them I sent him home.
SH: The thing was…Kevin’s home is on the 10th floor, but he had been trying to unlock the door to a stranger’s home on the 11th floor for 3 hours! Like this..*imitates a drunk Kevin trying to decode the digital door lock* tin,tin,tin…tin,tin,tin…
KV: *covers his face embarrassingly*

cr: @rururu_ukiss

4, 6, 22~~~~!!!!
+ awings

4) The coke incident: what’s an English word that you have trouble pronouncing?

I can’t think of a particular word… the complex ones like ‘interchangeability’? I obviously make small pronounciation mistakes often as a non native speaker (like, sometimes I don’t see the difference between “i”, “ea”, “ie”, and “ee”… but I would never mess up with coke lol). Overall, I’m just much more at ease speaking French than English recently.

6) Have you ever experienced forbidden or unrequited love?

I’ve already told that story))

22) Describe your Neverland.

Some warm place near the sea, a few people that I love, a lot of great music and a good pay for subbing :P

1, 6, 34, 46? ^^
+ dancinginthehoonlight

1) done :)

6) Have you ever experienced forbidden or unrequited love?

I think I’m really lucky in love. My only fail was a guy from my university: everything was going fine at the beginning, but then I pushed him away a little bit and he never tried to be closer again. I spent about 2 years trying to fix that or forget him, and in the end just argued with him on a really idiotic matter so that we stopped talking at all. That helped! Looks like we were not meant to be =)

34) Blood type

I have no idea lol

46) Which U-KISS member are you most similar to?

AJ, as far as I can guess his personality from what he shows. We have a lot in common when it comes to studying and determination, and there are some other small things I notice that make me think “No wonder he’s my bias!” Same goes with Soohyun’s and Kevin’s sense of responsability ^^